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Welcome to The BBS Corner - the only website that offers information on Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) for both the BBS System Operator (SysOp) and the BBS User . We have been offering information, news and files since April 1996.

Bulletin Board Systems in 2019? You bet!

Bulletin Board Systems in 2019? You bet! A lot of people thought that the Bulletin Board died when the Internet came of age in the mid 1990s. Sure, there are a lot less BBSes than in the 1990s -  but progress has been made. Almost all BBSes are now available on the Internet. Imagine playing LORD on a BBS in Canada, posting a message on a BBS in Finland and downloading a shareware game from the United States? With the Internet, BBSing has actually improved!

The BBS Sysops Zone - How to make your BBS successful

Are you thinking of starting a BBS? Were you a BBS Sysop back in the heyday of Bulletin Boards and want to start a new BBS? The scene has changed, but that doesn't mean you can't make a comeback or start a new system from scratch.

The BBS Sysops Zone has tips and links to get you started down the right path. Here are some of the resources you can find here:

  • BBS Software
  • BBS Door Games
  • BBS Networks
  • BBS Utilities
  • How to put your BBS on the Internet
  • Other BBS related resources

Further info: BBS Sysops Zone

The BBS Users Zone - Surfing the Web 0.2!

With the Internet, there are many choices to go for social networking. Sure, you've heard of the "Web 2.0" with MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. But how did it all get started? Your local Bulletin Board System! You didn't need to go far to find people in your town because the local BBS was just for your town (unless you called long distance). The BBS is the new "Web 0.2"!

The BBS of the modern Internet era is similar. You still have a small group of people with common interests.

If you have never used a BBS before, you may be wondering what a BBS is all about? Come to the BBS Users Zone to find out what what you've been missing.

Further Info: BBS Users Zone

Other Resources of Note

The Diamond Mine Onine BBS & Telnet BBS Guide

The BBS Corner is a service of the Diamond Mine Online System , a computer Bulletin Board System (BBS) in Fredericksburg, Virginia USA. The BBS Corner was founded in April 1996. Also visit our sister website the Telnet BBS Guide .


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