Telnet BBS Information for Sysops

Are you looking for information on how to put your BBS to the Internet? What is the Telnet Protocol? Should you use an add-on to put your BBS on the Internet, or should you start from scratch with a BBS that’s Telnet-ready out of the box? What is a domain name and how does Dynamic IP addressing work? What is Port Forwarding and why is it important? This section should help BBS sysops get an introduction on Telnet and getting their BBS connected to the Internet.

Telnet BBS Overview – Setting up a BBS on the Internet

An introduction to the concept to Telnet – a process of accessing remote computer systems over the Internet. This overview should teach you the basics of how telnet works and what you need to start your own successful Telnet BBS.

Telnet BBS Systems – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) from BBS Sysops who are considering operating a Telnet BBS.

Internet Connections

There are many different kinds of connections to the Internet – but which ones are the best for running a Telnet BBS? Check out this section for details on how inbound Internet connections work, and what you need to know for setting up a connection to Telnet BBS.

Running Your BBS in the Cloud

You don’t have to run a BBS at your home or business anymore. You can easily run a BBS “in the cloud” using Virtual Private Servers – including Amazon Web Services and other cloud based providers.

Virtual Modems and FOSSIL Drivers

Do you intend on using an “old school” DOS-based or early Windows-based BBS software package? If it does not have a built-in Telnet server, you may need to connect a “Virtual Modem” or “Virtual FOSSIL driver” to your BBS to connect it to the Internet.

Dynamic DNS Services

Does your Internet provider change the IP address on your connection on a regular basis? How are your users going to be able to find your BBS? By using a Dynamic Domain Name (DNS) service, your users can find your BBS no matter what your current IP address is.

Port Forwarding & Network Address Translation

A necessary configuration step in order to direct inbound traffic from cable modem and router to reach the computer where the BBS is hosted on.

FidoNet via Internet

Was your BBS connected to FidoNet in the heyday of BBSing? Do you want to connect again? There are many options to connect your BBS to FidoNet via the Internet. Check out this section to find out how.